Out of the Darkness


Borderlines (7:41)
I will share it with you (5:55)
Come with me (6:44)
Glorious (4:06)
Autumn Time (5:42)
Scared (6:16)
Thinking of you (5:10)
An aim to survive (7:06)
The point of view (8:38)
Anything that I can feel (3:48)
All over me (4:57)
Time will turn against you (3:40)
Someone said goodbye (4:30)
Reborn (weird version) (2:30)


The narrow way (6:53)
The rancour grows (4:31)
Collideascope (6:36)
The golden water (5:25)
They still want more (5:14)
The truth is not true (9:21)
A matter of time (5:01)
The hidden cognition (7:20)
The voices of Morgoth (3:04)
Two steps back (4:30)
Truth & fiction melting (5:57)
Perfection beyond (5:42)
Within a dream (5:08)

The album "Out of the Darkness" contains two CDs with music which I recorded before the Artist name Apogee was established for my solo works. It was recorded 1986-88 and previously only available on cassettes. In 2001 I decided to put these early songs on a self made double CD. All instruments, vocals and drum programming were performed by myself. This album is available only directly from us through the versus X Shop.

The sound quality of this early material is not exactly Hi-Fi, but still very good considering the somewhat simple recording technique that was available for me back then.

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