The Border of Awareness

The Border of Awareness (10:42)
Falling up the Steps (15:03)
In the Dark (9:55)
Hide and Seek (11:50)
Circumstance (4:15)
The Range of Matter (23:53)

The first Apogee album "The Border of Awareness" was released in 1995 on Musea Records. The songs were recorded between 1989 and 1994. All instruments, vocals and drum programming were performed by myself. When Musea Records decided to release the second versus X Album "Disturbance", they were also interested in my previous solo recordings. Shortly afterwards Musea agreed to also release my solo songs on their label and after some research we agreed on the Artist Name "Apogee".


Arne Schaefer is a polyinstrumentalist and above all an exceptional guitarist...With so many influences to this album, including folk, jazz, and prog, the only thing you have to do is put on your headphones, sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderfully talented musician.

(Wondrous Stories Magazine No. 6, 1997, (UK))

... un noveaugrand musicien, un compositeur gigantesque ...

(Harmonie Magazine No. 26, 1995 (France))

... it´s a strong start from an artist we´ll hopefully be hearing a lot more in the future. Recommended.

(Expose Magazine No. 8, 1995 (USA))

Zusammengefasst stellt dieses Debuet ein hochgradig eigenstaendiges, abwechslungsreiches Werk dar, was meiner Erfahrung nach bei alleine agierenden Multiinstrumentalisten eine ganz große Ausnahme ist.

(Empire Magazine No 25, 6/95 (Germany))

Musically, this album is well grounded, intelligent, original and strong enough to carry  the abstract lyrics

(Music Uncovered, 1995 (USA))

A five track CD with over 75 minutes of exceptional music. Complex and diverse rhythms and arrangements galore. A mixture of progressive rock, jazz, heavy rock and folk, often possessing dark atmospheres. ...Arnies fingers rapidly moving up and down the frets and just listen to his vast vocal range... The Border of Awareness is utterly brilliant. Highly recommended.

(Aberdeen Fin, 1995 (UK))

Eine sehr interessante Angelegenheit für Proggies die es gerne ein wenig abgedreht und sehr kompliziert mögen.

(Heavy oder was, No 8, 1995 (Germany))

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