Lyrically, I prefer an abstract, very associative style, taking a main theme and variating it, taking different points of view from global/cosmic to very personal feelings, correlating principles of natural science with sub-concious and personal structures. In this respect I am strongly influenced by Peter Hammill, but I also like the very ironical style of Frank Zappa or Jethro Tull in the Thick as a Brick/Passion Play Phase. The style I choose depends on the mood of the piece. Naturally, the longer pieces require a more general view of things.

There is also a certain influence by abstract writers like James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon and Arno Schmidt. I think that some elements of their style, the way of approaching things, represent perfect counterparts to the structures in progressive rock. The albums "Close to the Edge" and "Relayer" of Yes are also featuring that kind of approach.

Another strong influence are the theoretical/philosophical works of science fiction author Stanislaw Lem. He writes really brilliant, complicated stuff but always with a strong sense of humor. I am also very interested in astronomy and the search for the unification of theories of the universe both in micro- and macrocosmic approach.

The psychological component of my lyrics is mainly of autobiographical nature. It is the reflection of incidents within my socio-cultural surroundings including some criticism on todays high speed multi media culture and the resulting increase of dullness and ignorance to the major problems of our society.

Music is always both, art and entertainment. My music is surely more on the whole art side but it is designed for people who like to listen to complex stuff very carefully in order to let the music reveal its mysteries.

Some comments on the lyrics on the versus X albums "Disturbance" and "The Turbulent Zone" you can find on the versus X website.

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